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Company Vision

Thaisin Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to produce and distribute various kinds of induction motor, with the vast investment on constructions, industrial infrastructure, high- technology machineries and one of the best international-standard measuring instruments in Thailand. The particular location is placed on 96,000 square meters area, with more than USD 15,300,000 investment fund approximately.

Likewise, we are enthusiastically to accumulate professionals and improve our staffs to be skilled on producing the products and servicing the customers, in order to build up customer confidence and satisfaction in product standard and service issues.

Moreover, every unit of our products is 100% passed our QC processes, in order to obtain the international standard product under our THAISIN trademark. We always underline the selection of best quality and highest safety standard for raw materials and finished parts in the long run for the end users, in order to create customer satisfaction and fulfill the consumer needs perfectly.

Lastly, we endeavor to rectify problems and obstructions, in order to create sustainable development for our product quality. Also, we aim to strengthen working performance and conscious mind for every level of our personnel, thus we can enhance ourselves to be the world class producer and distributor of induction motors in the latter stage.

Company Profile

Thaisin Motor Manufacturing Company Limited,established on August 9,2011,has the objective to manufacture various types of electric motors and eletric water pumps. Its target is to supply product compared to other leading brands,both domestically and internationally, in fair price for all users and all prospective buyers.We hope that our product can contribute to improve quality of life toward the end users more and more in the future.

Our factory is utilizing high production tecnology with modern machines and latest model of Semi-automatic, Automatic integrated with Configurable Network Computing (CNC) production system. Thus, we can ensure our customers that our products are high quality. According to the application of newest technology, we have high production capacity and production stability, as we use manpower and individual skills as less as possible.

The quality of manufacturing processes is similarly important. We have the policy to select high quality and standard machines, dies, tools, raw materials, and finished parts in every manufacturing process. Moreover,our production team obtains intensive trainings from many experts in order to possess high skill about producing electric motors and electric water pumps. As a result,all customers can be confident with our high quality which passed international standard.

In addition, we operate based on international Organization for Standardization (commonly called "ISO") system for data examination and analysis by using modern equipments and state of the art labolatory and testing center from the support of many top-ranked manufacturers; for instance, Mitutoyo, Risatti, Yokogawa, Kimo, etc.; run by qualified engineering team who has direct experience in electric motors and water pumps. Those bring our products continuous improvement for sustainable good quality toward the society all the time.

59/9 Village No.6 Talingchan-Suphanburi Road, Sammung Sub-district, Ladbualuang District, Ayutthaya City, 13230 Thailand.
Tel: (+66)35-200-606-7, Fax: (+66)35-200-608