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Our factory is utilizing high production tecnology with modern machines and latest model of Semi-automatic,Automatic integrated with Configurable Network Computing (CNC) production system.Thus,we can ensure our customers that our products are high quality. According to the application of newest technology,we have high production capacity and production stability, as we use manpower and individual skills as less as possible.


The company is utilizing modern and high qualified measuring equipments and quality testing equipments for parts and finished goods. Our products passed quality check and testing of all QC processes.Once we found any non-conformity in any one of raw material or part in our process,such material or part will be returned to the department in charge to coordinate with quality control department for rechecking and cause analyzing. After that the correction in accordance with defined standard will be done to insure our customers that our products are high quality,and they all passed the international standard.

1) The handle is designed in a wide U shape, which can be adjusted firmly in a vertical direction, making the pump easy to handle and carry.
2) With the separate dual-lock system equipped on the hose, the pump is guaranteed with no leakage of water.
3) The free-standing motor unit can perform its function powerfully and efficiently although the external plastic part is damaged. No water can be leaked into the motor unit.
4) The high-quality Thermal Protector is installed to protect the motor unit from overheating or burning.
5) The external structure is made of lightweight plastic proven to have higher density and greater resistance to damages.
6) The pump becomes even more special with the double-layer Mechanical Seal using high-quality cutting fluid.
7) The Stainless screw has been designed to ensure effective rust-resistant properties with enhanced durability.
8) The removable water filtering sieve still works efficiently even when the water level remains at 2 mm.
9) The pump is equipped with authentic copper coil.

- Coil copper wire made from 100% high quality enameled
- Outside structure including pump barrel and oil chamber coated with powder coating. It is more beautiful, shining and scratch resistance.
- Outside structure is design to have a beautiful shape and durable. Useful life is guaranteed.
- Nuts and screw made from 100% SUS304 stainless steel, in order to prevent rusty.
- Handle made from 100% SUS304 stainless steel wrapped with fine rubber material handle, which made the pump to be more handy.
- Draining pipe made from ABS plastic + glass fiber, the material is resistant to crush equally to metal. Moreover, it is lighter and more convenient for the end user.
- 100% Oil seal and leakage current inspection, in order to prevent electrocute.
- Mechanical Seal has the same quality standard with EagleBurgmann (German).
- Shaft made from 100% high quality Stainless steel.


Several types of Electric Motor are designed to serve different usage. Hence, it is necessary to choose appropriate motor for the sake of utmost safety and efficiency of motor.
We, therefore, study specifications of each type of motor, for instance, Single Phase Induction Motor, Three Phase Induction Motor and Air-conditioner Motor as follows:

Particulars Single Phase
Three Phase
1. A set of Switch Contactor & Switch Centrifugal
- Its mechanism is designed to have round cutting and connecting points match with application, durable and appropriate to any usage.

/ - -
2. Motor Cover is made of aluminum
- It is a curve design compliant with the aerodynamic principle for the best of air-suction for cooling purpose, resulting this is a finely durable product along with superior and lighter than steel material.

/ / /
- Aluminum features have better convection and cooling than the steel cover.
/ / /
3. Rotor and Stator
- Rotor blade is specifically designed to have wider blade to enable better cooling.

/ / /
- Rotor is 100% balanced to prevent vibration.
/ / /
- Producing its coil by specific automatic machines to ensure its stability and quality.
/ / /
4. High quality Ball Bearing, thermal resistance between -20 and +120C°, which can increase durability toward our Electric Motor.
/ / /
5. Venturi Plate
- Venturi Plate is a crucial part allowing airflow direction. As a result, the average temperature of the electric motor is reduced for more than 10 C°, compared with the Electric Motor without Venturi Plate. Eventually, useful life of the motor with Venturi Plate is much longer.

/ - -
6. Motor body
- Made from aluminum, light-weighted, and cooling is better than cast iron.

- / -
- Body and blade is specifically designed for efficient cooling.
- / -
- No complex structure, convenient for maintenance
- / -
7. Ingress Protection (IP)
- IP20, prevent 12 mm. solid object or higher, but unable to prevent liquid.

- - /
- IP21, prevent 12 mm. solid object or higher, and dropping vertical water
- - /
- IP22, prevent 12 mm. solid object or higher, and prevent 15 degree of dropping vertical water
/ - /
- IP44, prevent 1 mm. solid object or higher e.g. small tools and electrical wires.
- / /
- IP55, prevent dust (non-hazardous dust) and sprinkle water from all directions.
- / /
8. Two types of color coating are offered:
- Baked type oil color coating which is widespread used in Electric Motor industry.

/ - /
- Powder color coating which is uniquely adhesion to the surface of parts, providing shine and better resistant to any scratches than baked type oil color coating.
/ / /

The powder coating is mostly selected for standard products of Thaisin Motor Manufacturing, except for special request from our customers.

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